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Young group of programmers

We’re problem solvers. We believe good design is about finding clear and simple solutions to complex problems, and realizing them in the most elegant and effective way. Since 2014 we’ve been developing a wide range of websites and web apps for big companies, startups, and open-source projects

Emanuel Essau


The design magician, graphic designer who fell in love with code. deep expertise and hands experience with multimedia art and bespoke Application development based on Java | Laravel | Ruby on Rails | ExpressionEngine.

Emanuel Essau Emanuel Essau

Oscar Olotu


The Iceman, a problem solver always. He specializes in distilling complex challenges into simple, elegant solutions. Experienced in building User Interfaces and Prototypes based on Angular | React | Laravel | Java | WordPress

Oscar Olotu

Shahibu Shabani


Liberal arts engineer, primary interests include Design & User Experience, functional programming, distributed architectures, and Strong grasp of security principles, developer based on Angular | React | Ruby on Rails | ExpressionEngine | Laravel.

Minshock Labs

Our values & the key to great relationships


Believe in digital

Digital isn't the word of the moment. It's the way forward.


Let users speak about it

People are the only reason we're here, let's not complicate things.


Quality is king

Mass production is the quickest way to irrelevance.


Be passionate

The way to greatness is to believe in what you're doing.


Form with function

Design is only effective when it supports the experience.


Expect creativity

Everyone has something to bring to the table.


Iterate & deliver

Experiment and collaborate. Be ambitious, exceed expectations.

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Some things you may need to know about us

We build better connections between brands and people through purposeful design, experience and technology.

We can replace your painful CMS with a flexible, easy-to-use system, Let us build your dependable website

We work with your team to make recommendations application that fit your broader IT strategy

Your challenges aren't siloed, Have an unsolvable problem or audacious idea? We’d love to hear about it.